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I am currently retired and have been traveling since the 80's when in Europe with the military and then after returning stateside, traveling for fun, skiing, and seeing parts of the world I have not seen.
I have never been a rich man and have always liked to find coupons or discounts on whatever I want. For a few years, I was the king of coupons for fast food!!
Then I found that cruises were a very good value and lets you see a lot of different countries and enjoy excursions of a lifetime!
When I moved to Dallas area in 2006 and the company I worked for gave me too much vacation and paid well, I started increasing my travel. When I tried to use travel agencies or take group trips, I found that it was still pretty expensive, so I started checking on ways to stretch my dollars. I wanted to travel for all of my vacation days I had been given, every year. I love going to London, Great Britian, and several countries in Europe. I have enoyed the sites in Rome, Venice, Madrid and many other cities. I have traveled to Moscow in Russia and Kiev and Odessa in Ukraine. The Black Sea is great in the summer and I have seen it frozen over in the winter. I found I enjoyed traveling in the the Caribbean and South America. I have seen the locks in Panama, swam with dolphins, hiked, zip-lined, sailed, snorkeled and played Amazing Cozumel Race. Turns out I am not that great at finding the clues!! I also discovered sailing and have owned three boats. Two were on Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlette, TX and one on Galveston Bay, TX. I have taken friends and other sailors and gone to St Maartin and the BVI to charter boats and sail. I am a USCG Licensed Captian for up to 100 tons. It is a great time.

So let me help you find that adventure of a lifetime, traveling on a dime!!

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